We can assist with all visas where the customer is not required to go to the embassy themselves. Eg USA, First Time Schengen Application, Italian Shengen.
Our Couriers charge a service fee of R500 plus the cost of the visa which is constantly changing due to rate of exchange.
We will be happy to assist you with visa forms and requirements, provided you have bought your flights or packages from us, regardless of whether you are going to do you visa yourself or through our courier.
We require all info at least 2 weeks before your departure dare, unless the embassy requires longer.
Passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date. You must have a minimum of 2 blank pages in your passport to be allowed entry.
Passports must be signed on the last page and addresses completed.
Some tips for visa applications:
1) Supply all documents requested by the consulate. This ensures that you will not have to return again with extra documentation.
2) Fill out all forms in as much detail as possible.
3) If you have to visit in person, be friendly and polite.
4) Sometimes you will encounter an official who is less that friendly, but do not take that personally.

Click below for a quick reference to see if the country you are visiting requires either a visa or special medical innoculations.

Quick Visa & Vaccinations Guide